How come complacent while people talk about climate change? Have you heard of “Carbon Budget”? The carbon budget is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions permitted over a period of time to keep the global average temperature increase below certain level. It is estimated that the carbon budget will run out within 10 years, if we are to keep the temperature from increasing more than 1.5C. That means we have less than 10 years left. Immediate response to climate change is a matter of survival that can no longer be delayed. Rachel Carson’s Silent Sprint(1962), is a book that spurred the modern grassroots environmental movement by analyzing the effects of toxic substances used as pesticides or herbicides in the environment sprayed in the United States. Her book is largely credited as a trigger for grassroots environmental movement in the West.

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In response, in 1963, President Kennedy established an advisory committee dealing with environmental issues, and in 1972, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the domestic use of DDT.

In order to preserve our planet that is on the verge of destruction, we need to take a different approach.
WSO recommends grassroots environmental movement based on membership, in which anyone can participate and make changes easily.

Spreading Information

The more you know, the more you can see. Our perceptions need to change in order for our actions to change. Grassroots environmental movement includes your action to spread Information about environmental degradation and protection on SNS. WSO will continue to spread and provide information on the environment.

Real-Life Practices

We need to practice in real-life, share with our neighbors, families, and friends and also have them participate. Such participation is all part of grassroots environmental movement. For this, we suggest 5 Principles to act upon.

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