First-Time joiners are called Novice. Novice members can become Associate Members after showing proof that they have participated in grassroots environmental movement as outlined in NAVY Principles within three months of joining.


After signing up as a Novice member, one can be promoted as an Associate after evaluation is made by the secretariat on the member’s activities for the last three months.
A Novice member can acquire qualifications as an Associate by showing evidence for practicing three of NAVY’s 5 Principles with
SNS link/ photos which can prove one’s participation in WSO’s grassroots environmental movement.

Those who are recommended by an Associate or a VIP member can be registered directly as an Associate.
In addition, an Associate can recommend up to two Associates per year.

[VIP Members]

At initial stage, VIP members are consisted of 30 people and they can also serve as ambassadors.
In addition, the initial VIP members can recommend up to 10 Associates per year.
Members recommended by VIPs become eligible as Associates upon sign-up.

Organization: WeSaveOceans (WSO) | Location: ES25, 67,1205-, Yeouinaru-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul | Founder: Iwan Kim | Registration: 558-82-71558 | email: contact@wesaveoceans.org